Why Mirrors Are Even More Important to a Truck Driver

If you've decided to apply for some jobs as a delivery driver, you may be aiming for something a little more challenging than a local courier. You might want to drive a vehicle that delivers goods from one hub distribution centre to another local warehouse, and this will require you to apply for a light rigid licence. Of course, there'll be plenty to learn, and you'll need to take some lessons as you work out the difference between a standard car and a truck of this size. In fact, you will have to pay particular attention to the road all around you and have to foster a new appreciation for those mirrors. What will you need to think about?

Different Scenario

When you drive a standard car or small ute, you may be used to glancing out of the corner of your eye at your overtaking mirror. You may have it well-adjusted so that it catches everything that may be coming up on your side and you may also get some additional information from your rearview.

Paying Attention

Once you start to drive a much larger and more restrictive vehicle like this, however, you will get a new appreciation for those simple car alternatives. In short, you won't be able to rely on a casual glance here or there and, of course, will not be able to see out of your rearview mirror at all.


Experienced truck drivers will tell you that your mirrors are your best friend and you will need to pay particular attention to them when you're driving on a motorway or in bumper-to-bumper traffic. In this case, you will definitely have blindspots and won't be able to adjust your mirrors too much to accommodate.

You will have to get used to where those blindspots are, and if you're not sure whether another vehicle is hidden, you will have to drive accordingly. In fact, you need to wait until you're sure that there is no stray vehicle and that if it had been there, you'd given the driver long enough to materialise.


When you reverse a car, you may be used to turning your head over your shoulder and looking out of the back window as, after all, this is the most logical way to do so. You cannot do this with a truck and will need to look at both left and right door mirrors very carefully while you complete such a manoeuvre. You might also need to have somebody stand behind you and make sure that the coast is clear, if the area is particularly busy or unpredictable.

Time to Learn

These are just some of the new driving habits that you need to pick up if you are to pilot a light rigid truck successfully. Make sure that you sign up for some lessons before you apply for your licence so that you stand the best chance of success.

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