Why Nearly-New And Ex-Demo Cars Represent A Bargain

Some people say that they will always purchase a brand-new vehicle simply because they love the "new car smell." However, many people in this situation will be looking for reliability, efficiency and the latest technology, and in this case, doesn't it make more sense for those people to buy a "nearly new" version of the same make and model instead? After all, they'll be picking up something equally sophisticated with far less financial outlay. So, if you're on the fence at the moment and don't know whether to buy used or new, what should you think about?

New To Nearly-New

Whenever a vehicle is registered and is driven on the public road, it ceases to be classified as brand-new and becomes second-hand. It may also be classified as used if the dealer runs it as part of its demonstrator fleet and it racks up some kilometres that way.

Embracing Depreciation

Either way, such a vehicle is likely to find its way to a used car dealer, and the price tag attached should be substantially lower. After all, a great deal of the value of a new vehicle is tied up in initial marketing and dealer costs, which is reflected in depreciation. Much of that value will simply be lost as soon as the vehicle is registered or driven on the public road and as a buyer of that nearly new car, you could be the beneficiary.

Upgrades And Features

Certainly, you won't be able to pick and choose a particular specification and will have to accept what you see. However, you will certainly be able to take advantage of the latest technology and any gadgets that the manufacturer may fit as standard within this model range. You'll just be getting all of those special effects at a much lower level of investment than you would have otherwise.

Taking Advantage

For a variety of reasons, some people may purchase a brand-new car and need to sell it very quickly. You should be on the lookout for these vehicles as they will typically have done a very low number of kilometres and be in first-class condition. Ex-demonstrators may have a bit more wear and tear and have been driven over typically short distances by a large number of different drivers. Still, the dealer would have wanted to keep that vehicle in first-class shape so that it would always present itself in a good light. It'll have been well cared for by the dealership and a good buy for you when it finds its way onto the used car forecourt.

Adjusting Your Mindset

So, don't shy away from buying a nearly new vehicle, but understand the advantages instead.

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