5 Essential Trailer Maintenance and Repair Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Purchasing a trailer is a sound investment with long-term ownership offering excellent returns. But since it is a vital asset, you need to protect it through routine maintenance and repairs. Just like any other machine, your trailer will function more effectively and last longer when well-maintained. 

Continue reading the post for simple repair and maintenance tasks for your trailer which you can do on your own.


This task is a simple but essential maintenance process for your trailer's moving parts. These parts generate friction, and proper lubrication helps minimise the wear and tear. During lubrication, you need to apply the lubricant properly and choose the correct lube to use. Additionally, you may need to use a proper grease gun for lubricating sealed parts like wheel bearings. 

Replacement of Faulty Light Bulbs

This task is also a simple repair and maintenance procedure you can accomplish for your trailer. Performing a periodic lights check-up is vital, especially for your brake lights, taillights and turn signals. Defective lights are highly dangerous, and you can get into trouble with the law enforcers or be fined heavily for it. The most common cause of non-working trailer lights are dead bulbs or lamps, and it would be good to use the help of an assistant to inspect the problem. 

Trailer Wiring

When you find out that your bulbs are OK but you do not have proper lighting, you'll probably be experiencing faulty wiring. In most cases, it can result from a dirty connection, which can be resolved by a simple clean-up fix. Alternatively, a loose connection can be the cause, and you can fix it by tightening or re-crimping the wires. To test your trailer's wiring, purchase a tool which assists in diagnosing wiring problems from an automotive store. 

Trailer Tires

Ensuring that your trailer's tires are serviceable is crucial. To achieve this, ensure your tire pressure remains within the manufacturer's recommended limit. Most tires have their pressure limits imprinted on their sidewalls in PSI or pounds per square inch. Besides, you can find the pressure ratings on the manufacturer's website or trailer's manual. 

Trailer's Frame and body 

There are simple and straightforward repairs you can make on your truck's body and frame. Most probably, you only need to tighten fasteners, nuts and bolts. Your trailer's body will exhibit signs of loose components which you can notice quickly by close diagnosis. You may also hear squeaks and rattles while operating your trailer, which are sure signs of loose parts. 

Finally, it would be prudent to hire a professional mechanic for complex repairs on your trailer's coupling and suspension systems. These systems require specialised knowledge and tools to get it done right. Furthermore, a trailer's suspension system is generally under high tension and can be risky for inexperienced individuals to work with. 

Contact a truck repair shop to learn more.

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