Do You Need to Arrange for Escort Vehicles?

If you manage a transport company, then for most of your operations all you will need to worry about is loading the correct items on to your truck and delivering them safely to the correct destination. However, there are always going to be times when things are not quite that straightforward. Perhaps you have a particularly heavy load to transport, or maybe you have been asked to move an item which isn't particularly heavy but is wider than can normally be safely moved on the road.

What are your transport options?

In some cases, it may be possible to break down the load into smaller pieces for transport and to reassemble it at the required destination. This is often the preferred option, but it isn't always possible. If you have done everything you can and you are still left with a load which is too large, then you will have to plan to work with someone that provides escort vehicles to move the load to its destination.

What are escort vehicles?

Escort vehicles are sometimes called pilot vehicles, and they are occasionally used to guide traffic through construction sites. More frequently, escort vehicles can be found guiding wide loads or long convoys of vehicles to ensure that they reach their destination safely without endangering other road users. The presence of escort vehicles warns other road users with their warning signage and orange flashing lights, allowing everyone to travel safely. These vehicles are normally equipped with CB radios to allow them to communicate freely with the driver of the wide load and warn them of upcoming dangers or issue instructions relating to vehicles' movements.

Moving oversized loads

If you need to set up a long convoy or to move an oversized load, then you will need to plan well in advance and engage the services of a traffic escort warden and escort vehicles. You must plan your journey carefully, especially if you will be moving the load over a long distance. In some areas, you are only permitted to move oversized loads during the night. You cannot start the journey until 11 PM, and if you are still in transit at 5 AM, you are required to pull over and wait until the next evening. Due to regulations like these, planning a long journey with a convoy or wide load isn't easy and must be done in collaboration with the team providing your escort vehicles.

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