Drive a Manual Car Successfully With This Beginners' Guide

You live in a world where technological advancement is the order of the day. Every day, engineers, architects and other professionals come up with better ways of doing things. The car industry hasn't been left behind in this tech-savvy world, and the development of automatic gearboxes is an example of the fast-paced change. Most cars in today's market come with an automatic gearbox. The driver controls the speed of the vehicle while the vehicle takes care of its gear changes. However, it is still prudent for a new driver to learn how he or she can drive a manual car, and a driving school can help.

Choose the Right Venue 

When taking your driving lessons, you need a suitable venue that allows you to make mistakes as a newbie. An open field without obstructions is a top choice for any learner. Secondly, flat, paved surfaces are another ideal choice provided they have little to no traffic. 

Examine the Position of the Gears

A manual car requires you to change from one gear to another when you are driving, unlike an automatic one. Therefore, your first line of action is to identify the location of all the gears, which helps you know where you should move the gear lever when you need a gear change. When the vehicle's engine is off, take a close look at the gear lever and take note of the gears. R stands for the reverse gear, and the 1, 2 and so on represent the other gears. 

Using the Clutch 

Proper use of the clutch pedal is essential for driving a manual car successfully. Here, the control of the clutch is in your hands, and you must engage it before making any gear change. First, depress the clutch and start the engine. Maintain full pressure on the clutch and move the gear lever to the first gear (usually labelled 1). The same applies to the reverse gear when you want to move backward. Release the clutch gradually until the car begins to roll. Accelerate gently until the car starts and let go of the clutch when the vehicle is fully in motion. The same process applies when changing from one gear to the next one. Since the vehicle is already in motion, you will be quicker to get your foot off the clutch and put some more pressure on the accelerator. You can learn more tips about the proper use of the clutch here.

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