5 Signs Your Car Requires Gearbox Repairs

Gearbox repairs are one of the most commonly needed types of car repairs. From general wear over time to chronic mishandling, many factors can cause gearboxes to fail. The best way to minimise the cost of gearbox repairs is to spot the signs of a problem as soon as you can, before the problem starts to affect other components. Watch out for these five signs of your car's gearbox requiring repair.

1. Unresponsive Gears

When shifting gears in a manual car, you should immediately feel each new gear engage. When driving an automatic vehicle, the process should be so smooth you barely notice it. A delay before the new gear engages implies that there's a problem with either the clutch or the gearbox. Take the car to a mechanic to find out which part needs to be replaced.

2. Grinding

A gearbox that makes a grinding noise when shifting gear needs attention from a mechanic sooner rather than later. Grinding suggests that the gears are not engaging properly and that parts of the gearbox are rubbing against each other, causing dangerous levels of wear.

3. Shuddering

You might also notice that your vehicle shudders when you shift gear, which can be dangerous in areas of heavy traffic. Take your car to a mechanic to find out what the problem is before it shudders into the car in front and forces you to claim on your insurance.

4. Whining

Whining noises are another common sign of a faulty gearbox. In some cars, the sound can best be described as a high-pitched whine, whereas in others it is more likely to be a humming or buzzing sound. Whenever you hear your car making a sound you do not expect, contact an auto service to get it checked out as quickly as possible.

5. Fluid Leaks

Gearboxes rely on transmission fluid to lubricate their various parts and allow them to move smoothly against each other. When this fluid leaks from the gearbox, the level of transmission fluid in your car can soon drop dangerously low, leading to overheating and excessive wear and tear in your gearbox.

Topping up the transmission fluid can prevent any immediate damage to your gearbox, but it is still important to take the car to a mechanic as soon as possible. They can find the leak and repair it to ensure that your car does not lose any more vital transmission fluid.

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