Easy Tips to Reduce Crane Hire Period and Cost

Most, if not all, crane hire companies charge by the hour. Your clock starts counting once the crane is in your possession, be it at pick-up from the hire company or at drop-off at your construction site.

To keep the costs of your crane hire low, you will want to avoid wasting any time during the hire period. With some planning and deliberate effort, you can do just that, and this includes doing the following.

Choose the Right Unit

Carefully access your needs and the conditions of your site and find a unit that best matches both. You can expect optimal efficiency from equipment that is suited for the job at hand, which means less time spent on job execution. Additionally, you should ascertain the condition of the crane to avoid breakdowns and delays during the job. A look at the maintenance records and schedule will help.

Clear A Path

Before your crane gets to the construction site, ensure that you remove any obstructions that may stand in the way of the unit. You should enquire from the company about set up space requirements for the specific unit you are renting.

You may need to look for alternative parking space for your vehicles, in addition to clearing any debris in the path. You may also need to ask your neighbours to do the same.

Stage Items to Be Lifted

Ensure that you stage the items that you will need to be lifted before your crane hire arrives on site. Ensure that the items are out in the open where the crane can easily and safely access them. You will be charged for the time when the rental sits idle while you work on staging your items.

Give Plans

If your crane hire also includes hiring operators from the company, it will help a great deal to provide plans detailing the layout of your site and other details of the job. You should also take a few moments to help the operators familiarise with the lay of the land across your site before getting started on the lift job. As the need may arise, you can step in and give directions to help the operators navigate through the site.

With these simple pointers, and more, you can ensure that your rental unit spends less time on-site, and in turn, you will spend less on the crane hire. A few hours can translate to big savings that will significantly alter your project's budget.

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