New Technologies in Refrigerated Delivery Services

One of the biggest beneficiaries of refrigerated delivery services is the food industry. As one of the most regulated items in the country, edibles should be kept fresh until they reach their destination. Notably, any wrong move could lead to the poisoning of thousands or millions of people, depending on your customer base. Although current refrigerated services are capable of keeping edible items fresh, it is imperative to stay updated on the latest technological developments. This write-up explores emerging technologies in the refrigerated delivery segment.

Thermal-Efficient Composite Panels

When designing refrigerated trucks, manufacturers do everything they can to minimise thermal loss. One strategy for achieving this is by installing insulation materials between the aluminium walls of refrigerated trucks. Despite their effectiveness, the insulation materials must be replaced down the road, not to mention the additional weight exerted on a delivery truck. Thanks to technology, refrigerated delivery services do not have to stuff insulation material in their tricks. Thermal-efficient composite panels are the newest kids on the block and do an excellent job of insulating a truck's interior. Additionally, they are light, which lowers the overall weight of a refrigerated truck as well as fuel consumption.

Sectional Refrigerated Trailers

For a long time, refrigerated delivery services relied on trailers with a single temperature zone. Sadly, these refrigerated trailers can only deliver food items that must be chilled within the same temperature range. This has been a big problem for businesses that deal with different perishable products since multiple trucks must be hired. However, sectional refrigerated trailers have eliminated the challenge by allowing for multiple temperature zones within the same trailer. Therefore, it is easy to transport different food items in the same refrigerated delivery truck. For instance, sectional refrigerated trailers can accommodate ice cream and fruits, although both are stored at different temperatures.

High-Pressure Processing Equipment

The increased consumption of freshly packaged food is arguably the primary reason for the growth of the refrigerated delivery services industry. However, highly perishable items such as fruits and vegetables can only last so long, even when stored in the ideal conditions. It is for this reason that modern refrigerated trucks are equipped with high-pressure processing equipment. HPP equipment allows refrigerated trucks to achieve more as far as promoting food safety and extending shelf life is concerned. For instance, through HPP equipment, refrigerated delivery services can transport fresh vegetables and fruits intestate without compromising on quality.

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